TMH Launches Updated Shunting Locomotive into Batch Production
24 December 2019 y.

TMH Launches Updated Shunting Locomotive into Batch Production

TMH Bryansk Plant now holds the certificate for batch production of updated modifications of TEM18DM shunting diesel locomotive.

The new modifications will widen the area of application and increase work efficiency. Six of them are now available to customers.

To reduce fuel consumption, most modifications will include a start-stop system, which is crucial during winter months. The system manages the machine’s operation mode and thermal utilities without driver’s involvement. It will shut down or launch a machine’s engine automatically, triggered by critically low or high temperatures.

Dehumidification unit for compressed air and electro-pneumatic lines will allow operations with passenger coaches.
Additionally, a modification for the 1435 gauge is now available.

Pilot prototypes successfully passed all certification tests. The driver crews, involved in the testing, reported positive feedback, emphasizing ergonomics, improved cabin lighting, and electric equipment.

TEM18DM is in production since 2008. The machine has proved its reliability and efficiency in shunting, pick-up, and hump operations. One of the most in-demand locomotives today, TEM18DM is used by Russian Railways, foreign railways of CIS and other countries, industrial companies in Russia and abroad.

First locomotives of the new modifications are scheduled for the end of 2019. Locomotives with new features will head to Far East and Oktyabrskaya Railroads. The 1435 gauge modifications will be shipped to Zabaikalskaya, Far East, and Kaliningradskaya Railroads.