Ep20 Locomotives Covered a Total Distance of 100 Million Kilometers

The maximum distance an EP20 covers in a single trip peaks at 1800 km. Its average daily run in 2019 amounted to 852 km, 43 km higher compared to 2018.

12 May 2020 y.
Ivolga EMUs Equipped to Fight Coronavirus

The technical solutions implemented in Ivolgapassengertrains, made in Russia by TMH, help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infections.

28 April 2020 y.
The Financing Agreement for Passenger Coach Supply to ENR Entered into Force

The multilateral financing agreement of the largest project in the history of Egyptian National Railways (ENR) for the supply of 1300 passenger coaches manufactured by the Russian industrial group TMH worth over 1 billion Euro entered into force.

20 April 2020 y.